Newsletter - December 2011

Happy Spring! 

Tip #1- Plan Ahead to Purge!
With the end of the year drawing closer, you might want to think about purging out-dated documents. We will be happy to help you coordinate your special purging project. Infoshred can either pick up boxed/bagged material or deliver extra containers to accommodate any additional volume. Please contact us for assistance.

Tip #2- Keep Contact Information Up-to-date
We always pride ourselves on keeping up with the most accurate information on our customers, so it is important to us to be notified of any address, contact name, phone number, email, or department area changes. The more up-to-date information we have on file the better we are able to service you. Thank you for keeping us up to date!

Tip # 3 - Feedback is Always Appreciated!
Feedback is always considered and appreciated at Infoshred. Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Manager, Lisa Starr-Werkheiser or our Owner, Stacey DiPiazza  with any comments, questions or feedback. It is taken seriously, we truly care about how we are doing!

Are you compliant with the HIPAA HITECH amendment?
By now most business are aware of the importance of carefully archiving or destroying paper documents, but may not be fully aware of know how to go about making sure they are compliant with the HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act) amendment for February 2010.

The additions to the HIPPA law regarding media are in these areas:

• Data breach notification required  • Increase in fine limits
• Increased enforcement at state level
  See more for details
• Vendor contract requirement

At Infoshred, we help keep your business compliant with all privacy laws by offering full media destruction and secure media archiving. Contact us for more information.

Meet the New Infoshred Mascot!
His name is Frank or “Frankie” and he is a French Bulldog. He has already been in the office guarding Stacey’s desk, well really more like napping next to it, but we love him anyway! On his weekends off he will be staying with the DiPiazza family.

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