May 2012 Newsletter

Paper Chase: The Huge Security Risks Now In Your File Room article posted 3/18/12

The promise of a paperless office has not been fulfilled, and it probably won’t be anytime soon. The fact is, paper continues to be a dominant medium for mortgages, legal contracts and a number of other official documents that need to be carefully reviewed and signed every day. Paper is still a highly integrated part of day-to-day operations across almost every industry. Organizations that don’t take secure storage and destruction of critical documents seriously are simply tempting fate. Read the full article

Happy Spring!  Here are some strategies to help in the difficult process of document safety and compliance:

Limit Personnel Access
The area where critical paper documents are stored must be secure on a number of levels.

Invest in Paper-Saving Technology
Documents should also be as safe as possible from elements like fire and water.

Consider Moving Records Storage Off-Site
Some organizations do not have the space or resources to employ such security measures and opt to store documents off-site.

Securely Destroy Unnecessary Documents
After a document’s lifecycle has run its course, it must be properly destroyed. There are countless ways to improperly do away with obsolete paper documents, and the end result can be catastrophic. 

Better Business Bureau:
Tips on how long to keep documents article posted 4/9/12

Whether you're a pack rat or a skimpy saver, it's easy to confuse what should be saved when parsing through personal documents for destruction. With last minute tax filing upon us, now is the perfect time to get documents in order.

BBB has compiled a list of recommendations to assist with establishing a document retention schedule:
As Needed • One Year • Four Years • Seven Years • Forever

Read article for details. 

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