October 2008 Newsletter

Welcome to Tatters!
I am pleased to introduce our premier issue of Infoshred’s newsletter. I feel that providing our customers and friends this periodic “tidbit” of information will help us to keep in touch with our cherished clients, provide industry updates that effect your record management processes, and be an easy way to access additional records management resources.

It is an extremely busy world that we live in and our intention is to keep our newsletter concise, and filled with good information. Thank you for being an Infoshred client and please feel free to contact me with any suggestions or feedback at sdipiazza@infoshred.com or 1-888-800-1552. 

Stacey DiPiazza
Infoshred, LLC

New Confidentiality Law –Public Act No. 08-167 goes into effect Oct 1, 2008
What does this mean to you?

Effective October 1, 2008 business will have to be very intentional about how they’re managing their confidential records. Public Action 08-167 requires that any person collecting “personal information” that can be traced back to an individual needs to safeguard that material and once that material reaches it’s retention it needs to be deemed unreadable or erased and then it can be disposed of. This act encompasses information in both paper and computer format. It is important for businesses to develop a “privacy protection policy” and publish and post it publicly. Violations against this Public Act can result in a fine of $500.00 for each violation and not more than $500,000.00 for any single violation. Read More

Infoshred Installs an Innovative Cross Cut Shredder
Infoshred’s major security upgrade for 2008 was the addition of our state of the art Magnum Series AMS 150000 Crosscut Shredding System. The addition of this equipment has significantly reduced the particle size of our customers’ shredded material. This new security feature exceeds the NAID Certification standard for plant-based document shredding and shows our on going dedication to providing our customers the most secure information destruction solutions in New England. While Infoshred has made a significant investment in this new system our customers have not seen a price increase. This security upgrade is a value-added benefit to our customers.

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