October 2009 Newsletter

New Security Features Implemented
In our continuing efforts to provide our customers with the most secure handling of their confidential information, Infoshred has protected our shipping and receiving area with an 8-foot high razor wire security fence. The entrance to the loading area is secured by an electric gate. The gate is protected by razor wire and has been equipped with a Sonitrol alarm system. This system insures that the gate is closed after hours and prevents any foul play when our facility is unoccupied. The entire shipping and receiving area is monitored by our closed circuit digital video system and a 6-month video library is kept on site. This new protection allows us to control who has access to our loading area as well as provide added security to our trucks and facility.

Does the Red Flag Rule apply to your business?
The "Red Flags" Rule, in effect since January 1, 2008, requires many businesses and organizations to implement a written Identity Theft Prevention Program designed to detect the warning signs – or "red flags" – of identity theft in their day-to-day operations, take steps to prevent the crime, and mitigate the damage it inflicts. By identifying red flags in advance, they will be better equipped to spot suspicious patterns when they arise and take steps to prevent a red flag from escalating into a costly episode of identity theft.

To find out if your business should be implementing the Red Flag rule.  > Read More

InfoShred’s Jack DiPiazza has been appointed to the NAID Review Board
We are proud to announce that Jack DiPiazza was appointed to the NAID Certification Review Board (CRB) on May 13, 2009.

The CRB is one of two bodies within NAID charged with overseeing the organization’s certification program. The CRB is responsible for protecting the integrity of the program. The Certification Rules Committee, which compliments the CRB, is responsible for reviewing and formulating the security specifications within the program.

According to the Certification Review Board Guidelines, the CRB is made up of 5 member representatives and two outside consultants possessing applicable accreditations in fields such as security or records management. We are proud to be recognized within the industry as experts in our field. Congratulations, Jack!

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