In the US, over 2.9 million tons of e-waste (electronics) are disposed of each year with only 20% ending up recycled according to the EPA guidelines. Unfortunately, the rest usually ends up in landfills. Combine that with the fact that the demand for new electronic devices is rapidly increasing—more than 300 million computers and 2 billion smartphones were manufactured in 2014, though the rare and precious metals necessary to manufacture these devices is in limited supply.  Managing e-scrap responsibly has many benefits for the environment, worker safety, the economy and the bottom line.

With Infoshred, everything is recycled…. we disassemble and separate materials specifically for e-Recycling, hazardous materials are separated and sent to licensed facilities which properly handle that type of waste.

Why e-Recycle with Infoshred? Permit #04701232-CGP-FG

Computer Recycling
On-site Pick Up and Haul Away
HIPAA Data Destruction
Precious Metal Recycling
Proper Disposal
Proper Handling
Environmentally Safe
Asset Tag Removal
Landfill Free

Types of Electronics Equipment We Accept (Charges vary depending on items and volume) Click HERE for a quote today!

PCs Laptops Netbooks
Notebooks Tablets Servers/Server Racks
Network Equipment Test Equipment Docking Stations
Memory Chips Circuit Cards Mice & Keyboards
LCD Monitors Printers/Retail Printers Camcorders
Bar Code Scanners Fax Machines Audio Video Equipment
New/Used Toner Telephones & Systems Medical Equipment Metals
Power Supplies UPS Battery Backup Cable and much more…
POS Equipment Power Cords
Projectors Cameras
Laboratory Equipment CD/DVD/VHS Players
Dental Equipment GPS Devices
Precious Metals

Special Conditions and Exceptions

CRT Monitors (*Additional Charge to Client*)
We do NOT recycle Ballasts containing PCB’s
We do NOT recycle Fluorescent Bulbs

Is this your current e-Recycling program?  (If so call Infoshred today!)

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