Shred All Program vs Recycling

The next time you are in your doctors office, dentists office or a hospital look around. If you see a blue recycle bin for waste paper your personal information is almost 100% certain at risk. Many practices and healthcare systems think they are saving the environment but they are not, they’re simply putting you at risk.

There is zero security around recycling programs. ZERO. That same organization will always run a concurrent secure shredding program, which is also 100% recycled, the problem is what’s called the path of least resistance and they (staff and physicians) put material in the closest bin which may be the wrong one.

We consult all of our healthcare systems to adapt a “Shred All” policy. It’s the only way to keep patients 100% safe from a breach. Most have, some haven’t yet. When they see this video they will certainly move to do it quicker. Please share with anyone who is worried about their patient records and stay vigilant next time you see a doctor. The video is a short 2 min watch.

Video of study in Canadian Health System

HIPAA Violation Minimum Penalty Maximum Penalty
Willful neglect but violation is corrected within the required time period $10,000 per violation, with an annual maximum of $250,000 for repeat violations $50,000 per violation, with an annual maximum of $1.5 million



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