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Records, archives, files, and physical documents have been piling up in storage rooms, warehouses, and file cabinets around the globe. This data is unstructured, and usually not searchable. This impacts your business in many ways. You can never find what you need, manual processing takes forever, customer satisfaction suffers and new privacy regulations around records put you at risk for non-compliance.

What is the Difference Between Scanning a Document and Digitizing a Document?

Before learning about the benefits of scanning and digitizing paper documents, it is helpful to understand the difference between the two processes.

Document Scanning

Our document digitization involves scanning a document to create an image of that document. Images of documents can then be saved on a computer under various file extensions, or formats. Common image formats include BMP (BITMAP for Windows only); JPEG (JPG); PDF; PCT (PICT, for MAC OS X) or TIF (TIFF, Tagged Image File Format). Once saved in one of several formats, scanned document images may be modified using an image editor, but text cannot be inserted or changed on its own.  When searching for document text on a scanned image is required, the added layer of technology needed is an optical character recognition (OCR) software program.

Digitizing Scanned Documents

Once scanned and appropriately formatted, paper documents can be uploaded into a company’s document management system. Once documents are digitized, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) technology automatically captures, classifies, extracts, validates, and exports data into a workflow system or document management application. No manual processing or routing is required when you rely on us to seamlessly transfer scanned and digitized documents into your organization’s computer system.

4 Great Benefits of our Scanning Services

Mitigate Risk, Reduce Time, and Decrease Expenses Through Effectively Managing Paper Documents

It was not until the first decade of the 21st century that companies started moving operational information from filing cabinets to premises and SaaS solutions. Companies of all industries and sizes now realize how much more cost-effective it is to have all data digitally accessible. Compliance regulations of governing industries are not only rigorous but costly if they are violated. The risk of being audited and found non-compliant with standardized regulations rises significantly if records are not accurate, up-to-date, and quickly accessible.

Stay Ahead of the Competition with our Document Scanning Services

Organizations relying on dated business processes and workflow, tend to use physical records to maintain operations. This tends to lead to inefficiencies, lack of response times, and poor customer experiences. They also are not utilizing the full capacity of their staff resources or actively improving customer satisfaction or driving new revenue. Paper files not only take up space but can be misplaced, lost, easily removed by unethical employees, and used to a company’s disadvantage.

Avoid Loss of Valuable Data Due to Natural Disasters

Climate change is producing stronger, more frequent floods, tornadoes and hurricanes that can cause catastrophic damage to land, homes, and buildings. Physical documents kept in file cabinets, on wall shelves and storage rooms are at extreme risk of permanent destruction during a major weather event. It is more imperative than ever for companies to ensure all past and current data is safely uploaded and stored on cloud server.  This creates geographic separation and data duplication in an alternate format, in accordance with disaster recovery best practices.

Maximize Office Space

Scanning documents frees up expensive real estate. No more record-filled shelves, overflowing filing cabinets, or heavy boxes that take up valuable office space and are a hassle to sift through for a single record. Instead, all your documents, files, and records can be stored in one easy-to-use system. Studies estimate that 50 to 70 percent of office space is dedicated to document storage. Going paperless allows you to reallocate funding to a more valuable area of your business.

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