Document Destruction

Business records are an organization’s most prized asset. Protect your business with Infoshred’s secure on-site and off-site document destruction services. Infoshred offers affordable solutions for secure document destruction, hard drive, product and media destruction, and disintegration of microfilm, microfiche, pill bottles and ID cards.

Plant-based Service. Your documents are returned to our off-site document destruction facility and shredded through our 150 horsepower crosscut industrial shredder. The particle size created by this shredder, exceeds the NAID Certification standard for plant-based document shredding All material returned to our plant is shredded, including the cardboard boxes.

Mobile Service. Infoshred will come to your location and destroy your sensitive documents with our on-site document destruction mobile unit.

Witness Destruction. Customers are welcome to accompany their material to our facility and view its destruction.

Disintegration. Our disintegrator can destroy your microfilm, microfiche, pill bottles and ID cards by grinding these materials into dust.

Media Destruction. Infoshred destroys all types of media, including VHS tapes, audio cassettes, CD ROMs, floppy disks, computer tapes and x-rays.

Hard Drive Destruction. Hard Drives are physically destroyed by shredding.

Excess or Reject Inventory. We can protect your company from possible theft by destroying inventory that is overstocked, damaged or outdated.

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