Solid State Drive Destruction

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are different from Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) because they have microchips that DO NOT get shredded with standard shredders. That’s why Infoshred has added a micro-shredder specifically for Solid State Drives (SSDs) and other small data-containing technology.

The main difference between HDDs and SSDs is that SSDs use flash memory chips, rather than a spinning disk, to store data.  It is very important to thoroughly destroy SSDs with a micro-shredder as there is no other viable option to guarantee data  destruction.

  • BEWARE…SSDs and their IC chips are not fully destroyed by standard hard drive shredders, or worse yet, they can slip through the gaps in the shredder touched!
  • Degaussing is not effective for SSDs because data is stored on microchips rather than stored magnetically on  disks.
  • Crypto-Erase deletes all security keys that hold data on devices, but SSD crypto-keys can be broken, and data can still be accessed after the process.
  • Overwriting is possible, but SSDs can defeat traditional methods of overwriting when sections of data are ‘blocked’ or ‘unavailable,’ allowing hackers to recover partial  data.
  • HHDs can be physically damaged by using items like a drill  or hammer, but SSDs are a series of memory chips. Trying to destroy it with home tools will leave areas of data  intact.

Infoshred’s new micro-shredder will process SSDs in pieces less than 3/16th of an inch. Call us today to make sure your  outdated equipment, with all its data, is being properly  destroyed!

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