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At Infoshred, we know your business records are your organization’s most prized asset. You can protect the confidentiality of your private business information by shredding all documents leaving your facility.  Infoshred offers secure On-site Mobile as well as  Off-site document destruction services in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode, Island – both methods are equally secure.

On-Site Mobile Shredding: We shred your documents at your facility in our mobile shredding truck that is equipped with a shredding unit inside the truck. On a scheduled basis, an Infoshred security professional will collect material from the containers.   The material will be shredded on site and the shredded material will be transported to our facility where it is re-shredded, baled and is sent to a mill to be repulped.  Our trucks are tracked by a global positioning system (GPS) throughout the transportation process.  A certificate of destruction is provided upon completion

Off-Site Shredding: We load your material into our trucks.  The material will then be transported to the Infoshred facility in a locked, alarmed, GPS tracked truck.   Once at our secured facility, the material will be shredded, baled, and sent to a mill to be repulped.

We have a 150 horsepower crosscut industrial shredder. The particle size created by this shredder, exceeds the NAID Certification standard for plant-based document shredding.  All material returned to our plant is shredded, including the cardboard boxes. A certificate of destruction is provided upon completion.

Plant Tours and Witness Destruction: We invite you to tour our facility in east Windsor, Connecticut to view our security procedures which ensure the security of your materials.  You are also invited to make an appointment to accompany your material to our facility and view its destruction.

We offer a wide spectrum of affordable solutions for destruction of your hard drives, defective or excess products, media destruction, and disintegration of microfilm, microfiche, pill bottles and ID cards.

Disintegration: Our disintegrator can destroy your microfilm, microfiche, pill bottles and ID cards by grinding these materials into dust.

Media Destruction: Infoshred destroys all types of media, including VHS tapes, audio cassettes, CD ROMs, floppy disks, computer tapes and x-rays.

Hard Drive Destruction: Hard Drives and other media are physically destroyed by shredding.

Excess or Reject Inventory: We can protect your company from possible theft and black market sales by destroying inventory that is overstocked, damaged or outdated.


  • The material is always contained in a locked truck. Infoshred’s trucks lock automatically eliminating any human error.
  • Infoshred trucks are equipped with Babaco alarm systems. The Babaco system is designed to prevent theft of the vehicle with an audible alarm and engine-disabling device. The system also alerts the driver if they attempt to operate the vehicle without securing the box.
  • All of Infoshred’s trucks are equipped with the StreetEagle Vehicle Tracking System. StreetEagle allows Infoshred to identify the location of your material at any time in the transportation process.  Reports can be generated showing all relevant information.
  • Customer Requests – The driver will attempt to complete any ad hoc requests while at the customer location. Drivers are limited by the daily expectations of their workload. If they do not have enough equipment or additional space on their truck the customer will be asked to contact our Customer Service Team to make the request.
  • Customer Complaints – All complaints are handled immediately by our Customer Service Team. If a complaint is lodged to the driver at a location, the driver will immediately contact the office for resolution.  Infoshred maintains an internal escalation process to ensure that all complaints are handled appropriately.
  • Employee Information: Infoshred maintains extensive background information in each employee file. This information includes previous employer history, relevant work experience, and background check requirements for NAID certification, confidentiality statements and all necessary HR data.   These files can be made available to our customer’s security staff upon request and upon signing of a confidentiality agreement.
  • Employee Retention: Infoshred experiences very little employee turnover. 35 % of our staff has been with us for over 10 years with an additional 25% employed an average of 5 years.


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