Hard-Drive Destruction

In today’s technological age, more information is being stored electronically on hard drives than ever before.  Making sure that electronic data is destroyed and is unreadable upon completion of its life cycle is an important component to any information security program.  Infoshred provides a confidential hard drive destruction service to physically destroy all information stored electronically.  Infoshred can process hard drives that are contained in computer towers or hard drives that have already been removed from a computer or server.

Infoshred applies the same secure procedures to Hard-Drive Destruction that we do to our hard copy paper shredding services:

  • Uniformed Infoshred Drivers will arrive at the customer site with an Infoshred truck.
  • Before it is destroyed, hard drives must be attended by a company employee or physically secured from unauthorized access while in the custody of the Infoshred security professional.
  • The Infoshred driver will verify hard drive physical count prior to obtaining customer signature and record number of hard drives on sales order.
  • The material scheduled for destruction is always contained in a locked truck. Infoshred’s trucks lock automatically eliminating any human error and are equipped with Babaco alarm systems and StreetEagle Vehicle Tracking Systems.
  • Upon return to our facility the hard drive serial numbers will be scanned, re-verifying the count.  A log of the serial numbers shall be kept on-file at Infoshred and a copy provided to the customer.
  • All hard drives shall be physically destroyed via shredding by an Amerishred AMS 7500 shredder.
  • A certificate of hard drive destruction shall be provided to the customer.


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