Paper Shredding Services: How to Safeguard Sensitive Data

Paper Shredding Services: How to Safeguard Sensitive Data

One of the most crucial instruments used by corporations and small businesses to safeguard their sensitive data and the personal information of their customers is paper shredding services. It’s time to switch if your place of business doesn’t currently use a shredding service.

In this blog post, we examine what a paper shredding service is, why businesses rely on them, and what kind of service will best suit your needs. By the time you finish reading this blog, you will be fully informed before choosing your shredding service.

What is document destruction or paper shredding?

Infoshred is a NAID AAA Certified Shredding Company with extensive experience protecting confidential information. We deliver document destruction services to your home or place of business. Our trained professionals carry out both On-Site and Off-site shredding services with State of the art shredding technology. Additionally, these services give you a quick and simple option to securely destroy your papers.

What Makes It Important?

One of the greatest methods to safeguard your identity and private information is to use a paper shredding service.

When identity theft occurs, it can have an impact on every aspect of your company, your money, and even how you interact with others. Numerous businesses have suffered greatly as a result of the economy in recent years, and identity thieves have discovered innovative ways to profit from this situation. Identity theft is a big problem nowadays. Your information is entirely safeguarded and destroyed when you use a paper shredding service, making it difficult for identity thieves to obtain it.

The ease and simplicity of Shredding Companies is another reason why businesses use them. Ordinary office paper shredders are not an effective, dependable, or dependable way to complete this task because it is time-consuming. When you choose a paper shredding service from a trustworthy business like Infoshred, you can be sure that your records will be destroyed quickly and securely. These services frequently use mobile trucks to shred your papers on-site or securely transport your materials back to our plant to ensure that your data has been totally destroyed.

Services for Shredding Paper in Different Ways

Shredding companies like Infoshred offer a range of services to meet the requirements of every company and industry. We have adjusted our services to match the demands of everyone, whether you have a huge stack of paper that needs to be destroyed or a tiny amount.

Scheduled Shredding Service – Businesses can generate a lot of paper in a single day, so they might require a service that visits more regularly. Depending on how many documents you need destroyed, we will create a schedule for you if you choose for ongoing shredding service. These services are offered either 2 week, 4 week, 8 week or 12 week pick ups. Infoshred will have you covered no matter how frequently you require it.

One-Time Shredding – If your corporation or organization is perhaps smaller, you might not produce enough documents to regularly use a shredding service; in that case, one-time shredding is an option. Maybe you have a big storage closet full of files or boxes that you need cleaned out.  Anyone who requires a one-time document cleanse can use this service.

Residential Shredding – Every homeowner accumulates a sizable volume of papers that contain some personal information. You may safeguard yourself and your loved ones from identity theft by using a household shredding service.

Drop-Off Shredding: If you don’t have enough paper to have a shredding service come to you, Infoshred is open for drop-off shredding  – you drop off your paper to be shredded in a safe environment.

Hard Drive Shredding – Infoshred also provides a hard drive destruction service that enables you to securely destroy your hard drives and further safeguard your information.

Request an estimate on our website or by calling 860-627-5800 to learn more. Our experts will ask you a few questions to better understand your requirements, after which they will tell you exactly what to expect from start to finish, including the cost.

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