Seal n’ Shred Bags

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Our Seal n’ Shred bags are great for your junk mail, tax returns, old checks or any outdated sensitive paper documents.   


This is non-witnessed drop off service.  Certificate of Destruction provided on the confirmation at checkout and on the emailed receipt. Only available for sale in CT.  ALL SALES FINAL

To purchase more than 5 bags please contact our Customer Service Team

How do I return my bag?

1. Return the bag to our facility without an appointment to 3 Craftsman Rd. East Windsor, CT 06088 Monday – Friday 9:00am-4:00pm
2. Return to a local Community Shred Event. Check out our schedule to find a location and time that works for your schedule. Shred Event Calendar
3. Schedule a residential pickup. Infoshred will pickup your filled bag from your home for a $150 transportation fee (price covers within a 30 mile radius from East Windsor). Price subject to change if not within the 30 mile radius. Contact Us To Schedule Your Pickup Please Note: All bags must be staged, prior to arrival, in driveway or in garage. Infoshred’s Team will not enter a residence.

More Great Suggested Uses:

  • Collect from elderly relatives in assisted living facilities
  • Collect from your college students at the end of school year
  • Realtors can provide them to local home purchasers or sellers to clean out
  • Lawyers can provide them to their clients
  • Accountants can provide them at tax time
  • A business with infrequent small shredding needs

Looking for a great fundraiser for your school or charity? Seal n’ Shred bag sales make a great way to raise money! See details.

Infoshred 3 Craftsman Road East Windsor, CT 06088 USA Local (860) 627-5800 (860) 627-5809 (Fax)