Storage FAQ

Q: Where do I put my barcode on the box?
A: Bottom right hand corner of either handle side of the box. See EXAMPLE

Q: How many files does a 1.2 cuft box hold?
A: Approximately 30-40 regular files. See EXAMPLE

Q: Do we accept boxes from other storage vendors?
A: Infoshred is happy to accept boxes from other storage vendors, however it is important that a unique barcode is on each box. Infoshred’s customer service can help to determine if your boxes will need to be re-barcoded.

Q: How many empty boxes can I order and what size?
A: We sell our 1.2 cuft boxes in bundles of 10. (10x12x15) (easier on the back for both the client and our staff)

Q: How can I schedule a storage pickup?
A: Follow our New Storage Pickup checklist. Click HERE

Q: What size boxes do you accept to send to storage?
A: Follow our Storage Box Size guidelines. Click HERE

Q: What do I do if my boxes have met their retention?
A: Contact Infoshred Storage Customer Service to provide a listing of boxes ready to be destroyed, you will then receive a destruction authorization form. Once Infoshred receives this form signed off we will begin the destruction process.

Q: What should my destruction date be on my boxes?
A: Please contact your legal department to determine the appropriate retention for they type of material you are sending to off-site storage.

Q: How long will it take to get my file/box back?
A: If you order by 3pm your files/boxes will be delivered next business day. (max 50 items)

Q: When will I receive my storage invoice?
A: Storage bills on a monthly prorated basis. You will receive your invoice the following month of your previous months’ storage fee and activity.



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