Strategies to Prevent Yourself From Identity Theft

Strategies to Prevent Yourself From Identity Theft

Your identity is the one thing you absolutely must keep safe since losing it could have disastrous consequences. Infoshred helps people and businesses preserve their identities and personal information through shredding and hard drive destruction. Here are some steps you can take on your own to safeguard yourself against identity theft ….

1) Be aware of who is collecting your information and how it will be used.

Even if you enjoy the items and services they offer, never give out any personal information to telemarketers such as social security or bank account details. Always ask for their phone number so you can call them back verify the legitimacy of their organization.

2) Keep an eye on your billing cycles

You must get in touch with the creditors if your credit card invoices don’t arrive via email or regular mail on time. Your invoice or payment may have been stolen if your credit card statement is missing. To make it simple to close all of your accounts in the event that your wallet or online identity is stolen, your credit card account information should be kept in a secure, convenient location.

3) Periodically check your bank and credit card accounts

Use your online or mobile banking apps to check your accounts and look for any strange activity instead of waiting for your monthly statement.

4) Protect your mail from theft

Never leave mail outside the mailbox waiting to be picked up overnight – This is invites theft and fraud.

5) Protect your social security and drivers license numbers

Avoid bringing your Social Security card with you in case you ever get robbed.  You should never divulge your social security number unless it is necessary. There is no legal requirement that you give a retailer your social security number.  Never have your social security number or driver’s license information preprinted on checks.

6) Be aware of who you are dealing with

Websites like eBay and PayPal have been taken over by online identity thieves, who transferred client monies to their own accounts. Always be on guard!

7) Understand your credit

Each of the three major credit reporting agencies should be asked for a copy of your credit report once a year. If there are any mistakes, point them up right away. Pay close attention to any unutilized accounts that are still open.

8) Avoid recycling credit card receipts, credit offers, or any other documents containing personal information

Going through your trash is one of the simplest ways for identity thieves to collect information. Shred outdated records.

9) Learn how your workplace protects your personnel records

Make sure the records are safe and only those with permission to view them can access them. These documents include details on the spouse, social security numbers, birth dates, and other data that identity thieves may find important.

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