Risks Associated With Keeping Outdated IT Equipment

There are risks associated with keeping outdated IT equipment, here are some things to consider when you dispose of your old equipment.

Cancel your software subscriptions

Make careful to cancel or transfer any software subscriptions present on the devices before you remove your equipment.  You can easily deactivate the services on the outdated equipment and reactivate them on the new ones if they require log-in codes, like Microsoft Office 365. It’s that simple!

Data Erasing

Next, remove any information from the equipment, including any private data, codes, crucial files, client information, etc. You wouldn’t want data thieves to get their hands on this important data, would you?  Wipe your disks clean and delete or erase all of your data to prevent it from ending up in the wrong hands. You can even have your data destroyed for you by accredited recycling centers! Before sending them your outdated IT equipment, just make sure the company is fully certified.

ALWAYS recycle your electronic equipment.

Hazardous elements located inside of improperly discarded equipment can leak out.  This might have some seriously bad consequences for the environment and possibly your health!  Choose instead to sell, donate or recycle your obsolete electronics.  These are all safe methods for getting rid of outdated technology. Recycling is the best option if your IT equipment is so out-of-date that no one wants to buy it or take it out of your hands.

Electronics Recycling

Bringing an outdated computer or other office equipment to a reliable electronics recycling firm is the best method to get rid of it.

Look for a company that will destroy the hard drives in a secure manner. An electronics recycler will be able to accept a variety of IT equipment, including:

  • Computers and associated equipment
  • Tablets
  • Printers
  • Copiers
  • VCRs
  • telephone apparatus
  • DVD recorders
  • video and audio equipment
  • Disc drives
  • Motherboards and circuit boards

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