Why choose a Local Shredding company over a National Provider?

Why choose a Local Shredding company over a National Provider?

Infoshred is locally owned and operated by Stacey Lombardo for almost 25 years. Infoshred takes pride in being a local shredding company that employs almost 50 people in Southern New England and contributes to the local economy. We support local charities directly through donations and provide discounts on shredding so they can protect their confidential information too. Our reputation for excellent service and quality is what keeps our company in business and our trucks on the road.

It starts right from the beginning; when you call us to start service or arrange a pickup, a live, local operator answers the phone. Our Sales and Customer Service Representatives strive to listen to your needs and make it easy to work with Infoshred. Chances are that our longtime employees will be the same ones you speak to year after year.

Infoshred drivers operate according to the same high standards of customer satisfaction as our Customer Service Department, with a specific focus on security and safety. Our drivers at Infoshred have been with us an average of 6 years, with many drivers working at Infoshred more than 10 or 15 years. Every year, our drivers receive training focused on security, which is mandated by NAID, the governing body of the shredding industry. We keep the same drivers on the same routes so they will get familiar with your needs and be able to help answer your shredding, e-Recycling or Records Storage questions.

If you ever have a question about your bill or account balance, our Billing Team is easy to reach by phone or email. They are happy to help and want to make sure you are satisfied. No question is too small.

When you join Infoshred as a client, you can experience the benefits of “locally owned” too! Give us a call 860-627-5800

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