Answers to the Top Records Storage Questions

Many businesses come to us for document storage solutions. As a result, we get a lot of great records storage queries. In this article, we answer the top five records storage questions to assist you make the best option about where to store your documents. 

Q: Why should I save my records in a secure location?

A: There are various advantages to using an offsite data storage option, including not having to store your records in cumbersome file cabinets. A records center safeguards your documents from natural calamities as well as unlawful access. Your records management supplier handles your offsite inventory, boosting your data retention program and guaranteeing compliance with state and federal privacy requirements.

Q: I have documents that are not typical sizes. Can I keep them at the records center?

A records center can house any document or file, including: • legal papers

  • Medical documentation • Architectural and engineering drawings

A top-tier records storage company will tailor a storage solution to your specific requirements. Your data are safe, conserved, and accessible, whether you have building designs in tubes or medical x-rays and microfilm.

Q: What is the best way to get my documents to the records center?

A: Your records storage partner will supply bar code labels and transmittal forms for your boxes and files after you set up your account. You apply bar codes to your records and fill up the transmittal forms. Then, a background-checked records management professional comes to your workplace or storage unit, loads them onto a GPS-tracked truck, and delivers them to the records center.

Q: When am I able to request a record?

A: It is simple to gain access to your offsite documents storage inventory. You can access your web account at any time and select next-day, two-hour, after-hours, weekend, or holiday delivery. The fastest option is Scan on Demand, which sends your documents directly to your computer or laptop.

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