Shredding FAQ

Q: Why regularly destroy your business information?
A: Click HERE

Q: Do you issue a Certificate of Destruction?
A: YES – Click HERE for a sample…

Q: What can I put in my shred bin?
A: Click HERE

Q: Do I need to remove paper from 3 Ring Binders?
A: It is recommended that confidential material be removed from 3 ring binders.

Q: Does Infoshred charge a fuel surcharge?
A: Yes, it is based per trip, not per mile. 

Q: Can I keep my boxes to reuse?
A: Yes, let us know when you schedule the pick up that you want to keep the boxes.

Q: We have files stored but need to go through the file cabinets and separate what needs to be shredded. What can we do?
A: Infoshred will drop off security containers on wheels that you can purge your material into.

Q: What box sizes do I have? How should I refer to my box sizes?
A: Click HERE for PDF answer.

Q: What should I do if my business is moving?
A: Click here for our Moving Checklist

Q: Have a purge and don’t know what you have? Use our box size guidelines to figure it out.
A: Click HERE

Q. What can I put in my bin?
A: Click HERE

Q. To shred everything or just the confidential, that is the question?
A: Should I shred all of it?




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