Glastonbury Woman Honored with Philanthropist of the Year Award

Glastonbury, CT (November 20, 2010) – Glastonbury resident Stacey DiPiazza was recently honored as Philanthropist of the Year at VNA HealthCare’s 109th Annual Meeting. The award was presented to DiPiazza, owner of South Windsor-based Infoshred, LLC, for her leadership in raising funds and awareness for the local, not-for-profit home [Glastonbury resident Stacey DiPiazza Honored as Philanthropist of the Year at VNA HealthCare’s 109th Annual Meeting] health and hospice care agency.

Since joining VNA HealthCare’s Development Committee in 2003, DiPiazza has been a committed leader, volunteer and a generous philanthropist, who has donated nearly $100,000 worth of in-kind shredding services to the agency. DiPiazza also volunteers with VNA HealthCare’s Nurturing Families program and has been a catalyst and champion for the annual “A Taste for Hope” event, which to-date has raised nearly $75,000 for the agency’s H.O.P.E & Hospice Program.

“Stacey personifies the kind of volunteer who makes a real impact on her community through her dedication to causes that have meaning for her and through her willingness to lead others to help support those initiatives,” said Ellen D. Rothberg, VNA HealthCare President and CEO.

DiPiazza explained how a first-hand experience with VNA HealthCare to coordinate in-home services for her grandmother strengthened her resolve to ensure that others have access to the same exceptional care received by her own family.

“VNA HealthCare has made an immense difference in my grandmother’s quality of life,” DiPiazza said. “Knowing that she is well taken care of has been invaluable to our family,” she continued, “and I will always be grateful for that.”

She explained that her drive to volunteer not only comes from a true desire to help the agency succeed, but also to set an example for her young daughters to follow. “I want to show my girls that it’s important to give back others,” she stated. “My hope is that by watching my actions, they will choose that path for their own lives.

“If I am able to inspire anyone else to get involved, then everything I have done has been worth it,” she explained. “I truly believe that what you give out to the world, you get back. Our family’s experience with VNA HealthCare is living proof of that.”

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