Insider’s View of a Records Storage Facility

Having trouble finding space to save your company’s files? Have you ever wondered how a business that stores records operates? We take you inside a records center in this blog article.


Records centers can only be entered by records management experts who have undergone background checks and security clearance. Visitors are escorted by authorized staff throughout their visit, required to present identification, and required to sign a confidentiality agreement. A records center is monitored on video 24/7 by surveillance cameras. These security procedures and technologies shield against unauthorized access.

Emergency Recovery

Natural disasters frequently occur in this day and age.  As a result, boxes are kept in records centers on shelves made of strong steel that are bolted to cross-braced beams. Sprinklers that are zoned reduce fire risks. In the background, backup systems provide constant security in the event of power outages.


It is impossible to manage millions of documents without the correct technology. A records center has sophisticated bar code tracking and inventory management systems. Each box has a special bar code that allows it to be traced for the duration of its retention term. Clients of record centers are given secure online access to document management tools so they can rapidly locate their records, set retention policies, and ask for pickups and deliveries. This gives them a full audit trail for their off-site inventories and enables anytime, quick record retrieval.

File Delivery and Pickup

A fleet of GPS-tracked, alarm-equipped vehicles is on standby to pick up and distribute papers outside a records center 24/7/365. Each car has auto-locking technology to protect client information even after the driver has left the vehicle. Documents are sent to records storage clients in as little as an hour, whether it is the middle of the night, on the weekend, or on a holiday.

You can see that a records center is the most reliable, effective, and economical location to keep your company’s records.

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