What are the Pitfalls of using a Self-Storage Unit?

If you are storing your business or personal records in a Self-Storage unit, here are some things to consider….

  • COST: The monthly rental cost of a storage unit may seem like a bargain, but you are likely paying for space that you are not using i.e., filling your unit to the ceiling with heavy boxes is a hazard.  What is the cost for time your employees spend rummaging through boxes and traveling to and from the storage unit?  In the long run, you will pay more for the unit than you would with a professional records storage company.
  • SECURITY: Does your storage center have a security system, cameras at all angles and staff on site? Many Storage units allow their tenants to roam the facility unaccompanied making your files vulnerable to theft and vandalism.  Is the staff at the Storage Center background checked and bonded?  What would your clients think if they knew their personal information was stored at a self-storage unit with a lower level of security?
  • COMPLIANCE: Storing your documents with a professional records storage company means your files are insured and bar coded for easy retrieval.   You will be in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and HIPPA Act.
  • CLIMATE CONTROLLED: Some Storage units are climate controlled, but most are not.  Your documents are likely susceptible to fire, humidity, dust, air-quality, mold and pests.  These factors shorten the life span of your documents and make it unpleasant for your staff to retrieve documents.
  • CONVENIENCE: The convenience of calling a professional records storage company when you need a file.  You will save time, money and have less complaints when your employees don’t have to travel to a dusty storage unit.

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Pitfalls of Self Storage

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