Secure On-site Document Destruction

ON-Site Shredding, also known as Mobile Destruction, is for customers who prefer their material be shredded prior to being removed from their facility. Your material is transported in locked containers from your office to our Mobile Shred Truck waiting right outside. Our truck has a shredding unit right inside the truck and your material is shredded on the spot. Your shredded material is then returned to our secure facility in East Windsor, CT. All Infoshred trucks are equipped with a GPS vehicle tracking system, which allows us to locate your material across Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island at any time in the transportation process. Once at our plant, we re-shred the material, bale it and send to a paper recycling facility where it is pulped in preparation for paper making.  Our entire facility is monitored by a Sonitrol alarm system and closed circuit video equipment. Infoshred offers confidential document shredding throughout Southern New England including Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Detailed Step by Step Process:

  • Uniformed Infoshred drivers will arrive at the customer site with an Infoshred mobile shredding truck.
  • Drivers must check in at customer site with an authorized contact person. Drivers will follow each customer’s check in policies.
  • Drivers will escort the full, locked containers from the customer location to the mobile shredding truck.
  • Before it is destroyed, all material must be attended by a company employee or physically secured from unauthorized access while in the custody of the Infoshred security professional.
  • All materials must be securely locked during the transfer from customer’s facility to destruction vehicle to prevent loss from wind or other atmospheric conditions.
  • All material will remain in a closed locked container prior to shredding.
  • If applicable the shredding operator will weigh all material with a portable scale.
  • Shredding operators will shred all materials in the containers.
  • The operator will return the container to the customer and have the customer sign a material pickup slip.
  • At this stage the material will be shredded by pierce and tear method into 5/8 inch by random length crosscut particles and returned to Infoshred’s secured facility in East Windsor, CT. The material is re-shredded into 5/8 inch by 5/8 inch crosscut The material is then baled and recycled.
  • A 6-month digital video history of the processing is kept on record. Customers can request video at any time.

Infoshred is the only vendor in Connecticut to be certified by NAID for secure Off-site Document Shredding and On-site Document Destruction, Micro Media Disintegration, Computer Hard Drive and Non-Paper media destruction



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