Records Storage

  • Are boxes of files taking over your office space? 
  • Is your customer service suffering due to lost or hard-to-find files?
  • Are you paying for an expensive storage unit to store old files? 
  • Are your employees having trouble navigating an over-filled, unorganized storage unit?
  • Can you ensure the privacy of the documents you store?
  • Is your record keeping practices in compliance with the legal requirements of your industry?

In response to the growing demand from our shredding customers for secure document management services, Infoshred launched a Secure Records Storage Division in October 2003.  This division operates out of a 50,000 sq. ft. facility adjacent to our shredding plant in East Windsor.  With both Shredding and Records Storage under one roof, you can be assured of the security of your documents from storage through to destruction.

We specialize in providing highly affordable, state-of-the-art, service-oriented Records Management. Our approach to the document storage process mirrors our approach to the Shredding Industry: a high degree of care and attention with service as our primary goal. We offer the same computerized access, retrieval, and delivery options that the “big guys” offer – with the individualized support that you can only get from a company where you aren’t “just a number”.

Infoshred Records Storage is a secure, clean, and ECONOMICAL alternative for storing and managing business records, healthcare records, and valuable hard copy paper materials.  When you let Infoshred handle your records, you eliminate the overhead cost and administrative headaches of managing your inactive documents. 

Our services include:

Secure Logistics
Whether you are moving confidential records or a data center, Infoshred’s logistics division can ensure your move goes smoothly and securely.  Your confidential material and data are in a constant, secure chain of custody where it is tracked from one destination to the next.

Retrieval & Delivery
With our on-line web portal, you can request a file pick-up, same day or next day file delivery or even supplies like boxes.  It’s easy to log on and request what you need when you need it.  You can also call our live, local staff to access your materials or discuss your account details. Same day and Next Day delivery available.

Infoshred uses the latest bar code technologies to identify the location and track the activity history of all boxes, ensuring the highest level of security.  We can also track the individual files in each of the boxes to make searching for your information quick and convenient.

Retention Schedules
Infoshred manages customer determined retention plans.  Simply give us the dates you want each box destroyed and then call us to implement your destruction schedule.

Private Room
We offer convenient access to view your files in a private location.

Vault Storage
Our climate-controlled Vault Storage room is for back up media, microfilm, and microfiche.

Security Features

  • Chain of custody tracking through bar coding and GPS of the alarmed vehicles.
  • Our professional drivers are background checked, trained in security and storage procedures. They are also uniformed and wear ID badges, so they are easy to identify.
  • 24 Hour security system with video surveillance and fire detection/suppression
  • Strict building access

Additional Storage Services

  • Custom Data Entry – Individual date entry – file data entry
  • Magnetic Media and Tape Climate Controlled, Vault Storage
  • Reporting – full inventory list – destruction date report
  • Scanning – We can scan your files to your email for faster delivery. We also offer large-scale scanning and indexing services
  • Document Destruction – destroy your material as needed
  • Storage Containers – You can buy the boxes from us and we will deliver them to you.

For more information, please call us at 860-627-5800 or click here to request a no obligation quote.    

Learn  more about Infoshred by watching our informational videos here:

Infoshred’s Mission Statement 

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