Records Storage

Document Storage Services

A secure alternative for storing and managing business records, healthcare records, and valuable hard copy paper materials.

Vault Storage
A climate controlled environment for back up media, microfilm, and microfiche.

Retrieval & Delivery
Our professional staff provides customers with on-call access to their materials.

Infoshred uses the latest bar code technologies to identify the location and track the activity history of all containers.

Retention Schedules
Infoshred manages customer determined retention plans.

Private Room
Convenient access to view your files.

Additional Storage Services

  • Custom Data Entry
  • Storage Containers
  • Reporting
  • Faxing & Duplication


Our System

Infoshred 3 Craftsman Road East Windsor, CT 06088 USA Local (860) 627-5800 (860) 627-5809 (Fax)