What Happens to My Paper After You Shred It?

What Happens to My Paper After You Shred It? 

Follow the Paper Trail – Your paper documents will go in one of three ways before being shredded.

  • Pickup: A shredding provider will come to your business and retrieve your papers from your collection containers before transporting them to an industrial-strength shredder for full destruction.
  • Drop Off: You will deliver your documents to a shredding company or secure drop off location, where they will be carried to the shredder safely and securely.
  • On Site: Your shredding firm will come to your site and shred the documents in your presence.

After the shredder has completely destroyed your documents, the shredded material is baled and delivered to a paper mill, where it is converted back into paper pulp. NAID AAA Certified shredding providers are required to recycle their shredded paper at paper mills.

To remove inks and glues, shredded paper is chemically washed at a paper mill. Depending on the ultimate intended paper product, the paper is pulped and blended with other products. For a white final product, hydrogen peroxide or dyes could be utilized. The final phases of production decide whether the finished product is office paper, newspaper, cardboard, paper towels, toilet paper, or tissues. Whatever technique is utilized, your documents will be returned to the shelves rather than the garbage.

You will have saved 17 trees, 9 barrels of oil, and much more for every ton of paper recycled.

Is Your Paper Trail Environmentally Friendly?

Choose an NAID AAA Certified and eco-friendly shredding service so that your records can be recycled into new paper goods.

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