What Happens to Your Confidential Paper After it is Shredded?

October 4, 2021

What Happens to Your Confidential Paper After it is Shredded?

During each business day, our trucks are tracked by a global positioning system (GPS) throughout the transportation process.  When they arrive back at the INFOSHRED headquarters in East Windsor, CT, the material is offloaded from each truck.   The paper is then shredded (in the case of off-site collection) or re-shredded (in the case of on-site collection)  into 1.5 inch x 5/8 inch cross cut particles.  During the shredding process, all material on the truck is mixed in with other customers material which further protects for information.

After the material is shredded within our plant, it travels up a conveyor belt to be “baled”.  This means the shredded paper is compressed into a 1500 lb. bundle, also know as a Bale, that is secured with wire.

The Shredded, Baled paper is then sold and shipped to a paper mill somewhere on the East Coast of the US.  The material is re-pulped at the paper mill which means they add water to the paper and de-ink which completes the destruction process.  This ensures that the shredded material is unreadable and irrecoverable.

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