What Questions to Ask When Searching for a Records Storage Company

What questions to ask when searching for a Records Storage Company…..

Asking the appropriate questions up front will help you avoid spending time, money, and headaches later by preventing you from presuming you were receiving a service that wasn’t being provided. You have a specific set of services needs, but you don’t need or want to pay for additional services.

You may find an off-site records storage service that will meet your company’s demands by asking the proper questions in advance. Here are some queries that you might not have thought to ask that can aid at the beginning of your search.

  • Is Your Building Safe?
  • Is your building continuously video-monitored?
  • Are there access logs and who has access to the building?
  • Do the building’s interior spaces with higher and lower security levels have access controls?
  • Who is permitted access to what areas of the building?
  • Will my files be safeguarded against unauthorized people, loss, or theft?
  • Will poor handling or storage put my files at risk of damage?
  • Does the location where you store your documents provide protection from environmental hazards like mold, sunshine, bugs, and sudden temperature changes?
  • What defenses does your building provide against fire, flood, earthquake, strong winds, and other calamities?
  • Does the building have a fire suppression system, and if it activates, would my records be harmed?
  • Do you run background checks on every employee? Are they given records management training?
  • How do I access my files?
  • Will you index my files, and do the search and tag features of your file indexing system work?
  • Is it possible to retrieve files at any time, even digital files using Scan On Demand? How long will it take for my files to be delivered?
  • Do you offer document scanning services? Do I get to choose which documents be scanned when, or must everything get scanned at once?
  • Do you have a way to limit who can ask for access to specific files so that both our facility and your records center abide by our company’s security policy?
  • Do you have a secure space where I can access my files?
  • Do You Know the Compliance Laws?
  • Are all state and federal data privacy rules, such as HIPAA, FACTA, GLB, and SOX, current for your business?
  • Do you have a method that notifies us when our file retention dates are about to expire?
  • When retention periods are up, do you provide end-of-lifecycle document shredding?
  • What Do Your Clients Have to Say About Your Company?
  • Are the majority of your reviews favorable?
  • How do you respond to critical comments and consumer complaints?
  • Do you have any past clients I may contact?

Request an estimate on our website or by calling 860-627-5800 to learn more. Our experts will ask you a few questions to better understand your requirements, after which they will tell you exactly what to expect from start to finish, including the cost.

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