Why Scaled In-House Scanning is Ineffective

Why scaled in-house scanning is ineffective….

Do you think attempting to scan a large number of documents internally is more affordable than hiring a document scanning service? Let’s take a closer look at the unreported costs that make it more expensive to scan internally….

How recent is the hardware and software you use for scanning?

Owning and running your own office equipment is more expensive than you think in the long run because you can’t operate effectively with a one-time investment. Over time, your equipment will deteriorate, become obsolete, or break. The cost of down-time includes not only the repair, but also time lost, personnel annoyance, and work that is delayed or left unfinished. Additionally, you should factor in the cost to keep your scanning software current.

Do you have personnel who have been trained in scanning?

To use in-house scanning processes, you must hire or train staff on how to operate the equipment and organize and store scanned documents. Are you having employees scan when they should be working on more useful tasks? Consider the time required to remove the material from bins, as well as remove staples, paperclips, or sticky notes.  All of these items also need to be replaced after scanning.

Do you scan on a precious piece of space?

If you do your scanning and normal business in the same area, you may be wasting money interrupting space in your office that should be reserved for your main line of work.

Can your scanner handle your requirements?

Does the quality of your scanner’s output compare to what a professional scanning company can produce? Low-cost scanners offer poor scanning quality, and as they age, more problems manifest. You may discover that you must still send out certain documents for scanning because your internal scanner is unable to manage them. Consider whether performing both internal scanning and outsourcing scanning services makes sense.

  • Are you sacrificing quality or increasing your budget to compensate for what your scanner can’t do?
  • Who oversees quality assurance?
  • Are you inspecting each document’s scan for legibility, detail completeness, dimensional accuracy, scanner-generated speckle, image completeness overall, density of solid black regions, and color fidelity?
  • Are you making sure that every document has been scanned and that the final copy corresponds to the originals? These fundamental guidelines for scanning require a keen eye and precious time. By attempting to do it yourself, are you losing the accuracy of your scanning?

Are you equipped with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology?

This enables you to do searches over the entire text of your legal document. It’s a useful tool that can help your workers save a lot of time.  Are you scanning documents that will be useable when you need them if you don’t have access to OCR technology?

Every company wants to reduce costs to boost income, but there are occasions when doing crucial work in-house can have the opposite effect. Your bottom-line revenue, your workers, and your customers will all benefit greatly from using the scanning services of an outside company.

We provide full-service safe document scanning and records storage performed by our qualified experts. We can relieve you of the costly burden of internal scanning while enhancing the productivity and effectiveness of your business

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