Why You Should Outsource Your Next Scanning Project

Why You Should Outsource Your Next Scanning Project

You probably work in an office with everything you’d expect, including a water cooler, workstations, snacks, and maybe even a few beanbag seats. However, you very certainly have a large filing cabinet (or several filing cabinets) collecting dust in a supply closet or, worse, taking up valuable floor space in the heart of your office. Despite the fact that scanning and document management technology has improved to the point that businesses may work entirely without paper, file cabinets are still common in offices across the country. How is that possible?

Filing cabinets, or physical document organizing cabinets, were once seen as a necessary instrument for effective business administration. They are now viewed as a necessary evil that exists only because the number of papers stored within them has grown to the point where there is no other option than to continue utilizing them. Automobile dealerships, doctors’ and dentists’ offices, hospitals, insurance firms, and financial organizations are just a few of the companies that commit entire rooms and/or people to managing the contents of these metal behemoths.

Finding, updating, and organizing documents in filing cabinets is more than a daily duty for those in charge. Managing a file cabinet can be tough even with the use of colored tabs and other widgets. Fortunately, there is a solution for those that wish to go green but don’t have the manpower or time to do it.

Since the introduction of digital scanners, outsourced scanning services have been the norm. Getting started with an outsourced scanning company is usually as easy as mailing your documents to the expert’s facility, alerting your consultant about your individual needs/project delivery requirements, and conquering.

The following are the benefits of hiring an outsourced scanning expert over starting a new project in-house:

  • Administrative expenditures associated with the lengthy process of uncovering, arranging, and liquidating documents within a cabinet would be eliminated. Because all files would be digitized, they would be available through the network.
  • Documents that have been scanned and saved to the cloud reduce the danger of a disaster. If the structure is damaged by a fire, flooding, hurricane, or other disaster, the paper in storage is likely to be harmed as well. Digital documents can be backed up and/or cached on the cloud, making recovery easier or even eliminating it entirely.
  • Many businesses consider employing a temp or an intern to help with document scanning and cataloging. Temps and interns, unfortunately, are not turnkey. They’ll need to be onboarded and learn how to utilize your technology and software, as well as build a simplified process and keep track of progress. If they make mistakes, you pay for them to be fixed, either with extra money or with your employment.

Another issue is overhead expenditures and equipment depreciation. If a machine breaks down or stops working, the entire operation may be halted until the device is repaired or replaced. In either case, it is your company’s responsibility to cover those unexpected charges. Outsourced scanning companies have the equipment, expertise, and experience to avoid frequent stumbling blocks in document scanning and digitization projects.

It’s also crucial to have the correct equipment on hand and ready to go when embarking on a digitizing job. If you’re a dentist or a practitioner, you’re probably dealing with X-rays or other unique papers that can’t be digitized with a normal scanner. To execute the task in-house, an uncommon and frequently expensive item, such as a large-format scanner, may be necessary.

Create a plan to reduce the number file cabinets and the real estate required to store them. Allow your workforce to focus on more revenue-generating operations while saving your document management team from the inevitable paper cut by streamlining your scanning processes.

Leave the scanning to the professionals and free up your staff to focus on what matters most to them: delivering outcomes for the organization.

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