Are confidential documents piling up in your house?

Are confidential documents piling up in your house?  Here are your 3 options for Residential Shredding…..

Schedule a pick-up at your home: 

  • Put your confidential material into boxes and stage them at ground level, at your driveway or in the garage prior to pickup. Infoshred employees will not enter a residence.
  • Your PRE-BOXED material will be loaded into the box truck by an Infoshred security professional.
  • All Infoshred trucks are equipped with a GPS vehicle tracking system, which allows us to locate your material as it is being transported to our facility.
  • The material is returned to our secured facility and is shredded, baled and sent to a mill to be de-inked, re-pulped and recycled.
  • A certificate of destruction is issued upon invoicing.
  • Actual weight is determined once all material has been weighed on Infoshred’s State of CT certified scale.
  • Request a quote here

Drop Off your Material at our facility

  • You may also choose to drop off your BOXED material at our facility Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 9:00 A.M.- 2:00 P.M.
  • By appointment only. Schedule through our website at
  • Actual weight is determined once all material has been weighed on Infoshred’s State of CT certified scale.
  • Secured facility reservations, to witness destruction, are available for an additional $250 fee – contact customer service for details

Order a “Seal n’ Shred” Bag

  • Order a “Seal ‘n Shred Bag” Online. (The bag will be mailed to you.  When you have filled it, you can drop it off at our facility, return it to a local Community Shred Event or Schedule a pickup.)
  •  Return the bag to our facility without an appointment to 3 Craftsman Rd. East Windsor, CT 06088 Monday – Friday 9:00am-4:00pm
  • Return to a local Community Shred Event. Check out our schedule to find a location and time that works for your schedule. Shred Event Calendar
  • Schedule a residential pickup. Infoshred will pickup your filled bag from your home for a $50 transportation fee (price covers within a 30 mile radius from East Windsor). Price subject to change if not within the 30 mile radius. Contact Us To Schedule Your Pickup

Looking for a great fundraiser for your school or charity?  Seal n’ Shred bag sales make a great way to raise money! See details.


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