How to keep your printed documents secure in a hybrid work environment….

How to keep your printed documents secure in a hybrid work environment….

With more employees working remotely, its crucial to establish a policy that outlines the standard for keeping your sensitive company information secure when your employees are off-site.

  • Establish a policy which outlines the types of documents that need to be shredded even when employees are remote i.e., customer information, pricing, contract related information, invoices, company memos etc. Discuss the risks for both the employee and the company so everyone knows the importance of keeping information secure.
  • Provide a Seal n’ Shred Bag ( for each employee to bring home and fill with their sensitive information. Employees can bring the bags to work when they are full and Infoshred will pick them up as scheduled or along with the regular shredding service.
  • Customer Drop Off Center, Infoshred makes it easy to accommodate customers that may have realized that they need to shred at the last second and cannot wait for a scheduled pick-up. Schedule a time directly on our website:

By continuing to emphasize the importance of document shredding, you company will be protected no matter the location of your employees.

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