7 Reasons You Should Shred Your Documents

7 Reasons You Should Shred Your Documents

Do you destroy outdated financial data, personnel papers, and customer files? Every company, including yours, has private information that needs to be thrown away. We will outline the main justifications for shredding papers in this blog.

  1. Preventing Data Breaches

Identity thieves and fraudsters are constantly searching for sensitive information. Everything is fair game, even your trash. They rummage through trash cans and recycle bins looking for discarded bank statements, payroll data, and other private information. Your business can face legal action if private information is compromised. You can avoid a data leak by shredding unneeded and old papers.

  1. Protection of Customers

You must maintain the privacy of your clients. Expiring paper records should be destroyed to maintain client relationships and customer trust.

  1. Savings in Space

Office space is wasted by keeping obsolete, unnecessary documents. Cleanliness and Safety in the workplace is improved when you shred superfluous documents.

  1. Efficiency

Employee productivity is the secret to your business’ success. By providing a dependable document destruction solution, your personnel can concentrate on their areas of specialty. Your staff can place confidential documents into safe collecting containers provided by your shredding partner rather than wasting precious time feeding them into an office shredder.

  1. Conformity

Businesses are required by the following laws to remove expired personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI):

  • Consumer Privacy Act of California (CCPA)
  • Act concerning the portability and accountability of health insurance (HIPAA)
  • Regulatory Credit Transactions Act (FACTA)
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB) (GLBA)

Regular document destruction helps your company abide by these laws and prevent non-compliance fees and penalties.

  1. Sustainability

The environment is significantly impacted by business actions. The shredded paper is transported to a licensed paper recycling company once your documents are destroyed by the proper shredding company. Your documents’ paper pulp is used to make a wide range of consumer and commercial items at the recycling facility.

  1. Piece of Mind

The stakes for safeguarding sensitive information are higher than ever in the complex world of today. You can have the piece of mind you need by shredding your documents in an effective, secure, and legal manner.

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