Why Infoshred

It’s our first priority (whether documents are stored at Infoshred, shredded on-site or shredded at our plant, security is our first priority.)

Infoshred is the only facility in New England to offer shredding and storage under one roof.

Environmental responsibility.
Once shredded, your documents are repulped and reprocessed into recycled goods.

Affordable cost.
Out-sourcing your shredding and storage services to Infoshred is an inexpensive alternative to an internal program. Your company avoids the responsibility, expense and clutter of buying, maintaining, and operating your own equipment.

Peace of mind.
With Infoshred, your sensitive data will be protected throughout its life cycle. Whether shredding or storing with Infoshred you can rest assured that the confidentiality of your information will not be compromised.

Infoshred 3 Craftsman Road East Windsor, CT 06088 USA Local (860) 627-5800 (860) 627-5809 (Fax)