Newsletter – April 2013

Spring has Sprung at Infoshred!
Happy Spring!

Spring is usually associated with regrowth and renewal. At Infoshred it is a time associated with spring cleaning and tax time. During this time of year folks are cleaning out their documents and trying to lighten the load of all those records stuffed in our storage spaces and file drawers. We are always happy to help with your special project whether you need to remove extra boxes or request extra bins to purge into. We appreciate your business and as always please call on us if we can provide assistance.

Spring Cleaning? Control that File Pile.

While finishing up year-end business why not do some office spring cleaning. Eliminate paperwork piles that leave can documents vulnerable. Here are some basic organizational tips:

  • Touch each piece of paper just once! No setting it aside in a “to deal with it later” pile.
  • Designate it for one of 3 places:
    • trash/recycling/shredder or shred container depending on the confidentiality of the paper
    • file immediately where it belongs
    • if possible assign to a co-worker to work on and immediately give it to that person along with instructions

5 Tips to keep your company out the headlines!

Tips for protecting yourself from identity theft...

Don’t let your company make the news with an inadvertent data breach, read an example story from NBC. Here are 5 tips to keep you out of the headlines:

  1. Limit Personnel Access. The area where critical paper documents are stored must be secure on a number of levels.
  2. Staff Training. Make sure everyone on staff is aware of all office policies regarding document handling.
  3. Invest in Paper-Saving Technology. Documents should also be as safe as possible from elements like fire and water.
  4. Consider Moving Records Storage Off-Site. If you lack space or resources to employ good security measures, store documents off-site.
  5. Securely Destroy Unnecessary Documents. After a document’s lifecycle has run its course, make sure it is immediately and properly destroyed.
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