Document Shredding: Does your business need it?

Document Shredding: Does your business need it?

Perhaps you’ve seen an Infoshred Truck on the highway or near your office.  Maybe you have thought, “We don’t need Shredding pick up, we can do it ourselves.”  Our philosophy is, document shredding isn’t just a matter of storage or employee hours, it’s good for your business.   Let’s review some reasons why…

Information is one of the single most valuable assets you’ll ever have, whether it’s your own personally identifiable information (PII) or that of your customers. Data thieves can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage with just a few pieces of information, like a name and a home address. There are numerous state and federal laws dictating precisely how it should be handled, used, and discarded. Even if you don’t work in an industry influenced by these laws, you still have a responsibility to protect the information in your possession.

When papers are thrown into the trash or recycling bin, they leave your control. Anyone can find them and look at the information they hold. Secure document shredding is both the fastest and most effective solution to this problem.

If you decide to shred your documents internally, just how much will that cost you?  You may pay a few thousand dollars for an office shredder, then you assign an employee to process, shred, and recycle the shredded material.  How much is that costing you per month, just in terms of lost employee time and productivity? Are the documents for shredding stored somewhere safe and secure until they can be shredded, or are they all piled in a box in the hallway or other unsecure location? Even with the best of intentions, your in-house shredding operation is leaving you vulnerable, costing you money and taking an employee away from their work.

Let’s compare that with shredding service from Infoshred. We are locally owned and operated, as well as woman owned, so we understand the information laws that apply to your state and your industry. We shred your documents on a schedule, collect whatever documents you have from secure shredding consoles, shred them on-site or off-site, and provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for your records.  In a single fifteen-minute visit, you’ve done everything that would have cost you thousands of dollars in equipment and employee time.

Working with a professional shredding company like Infoshred ensures the security of your sensitive material for a very budget friendly price. Every step of the way, from employee training to how we secure our trucks, we maintain full compliance with state and federal privacy regulations. That means no stolen papers, no improperly discarded records, and a greatly reduced chance of being held liable for any misplaced documents.  We’ll work directly with you to create the most cost-effective shredding schedule for you and your business, so you’ll always get the most value possible.

For more information regarding the secure document shredding services we provide, give us a call at (860)627-5800. You can also request a free, no-obligation shredding quote online.

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