End of the Year Clean Outs…

October 17, 2022

End of the Year Clean Outs….

It’s once again that time of year. The office is a mess because desks and filing cabinets are filled with documents that you no longer require. Why not purge with Infoshred rather than going through the effort of shredding your own documents?

In any company, keeping your office organized is crucial. Purge shredding is not only a terrific method to get rid of unnecessary paperwork and organize your office, but it also enhances data security, benefits the environment, and saves you time and money.

Purge Shredding: What is it?

When a business has to destroy a lot of documents, they can employ the one-time service of purge shredding. Simply gather all the documents you wish to be destroyed and call Infoshred to arrange a pick up.

Purge Shredding Advantages

  •  Safeguards your data

Throwing your paper in the trash may be quicker, but there are security dangers involved. Utilizing Infoshred’s purge shredding service will protect your data. All of oyur paperwork is gathered and placed in a shred bin, which is then destroyed On-site or transported to our facility and destroyed . You receive a Certificate of Destruction after your records have been shredded. Knowing your records have been securely destroyed, you can feel secure you are protected from data breaches.

  • Fast and Economical

It is time-consuming and expensive to do the shredding yourself. Unlike a professional shredder, your normal office shredder has limits on how much you can shred at once i.e. you will be limited as to how many sheets you can shred at one time. Add the employee time to the expense of owning and maintaining your own shredder, and its certainly cheaper to hire Infoshred to handle your shredding.

All you need to do to use a shredding service is gather and prepare your documents in advance. After that, you leave the remainder in the hands of Infoshred’s trained shredding professionals.

  • Organizing Your Office

Keeping on top of your document destruction can help keep your office organized, which is quite advantageous for your business. It will not only improve productivity, but it may also lower stress levels among your staff. You can concentrate on more important work if you can locate your documents without having to hunt for them as often.

  • Environment

Being ecologically conscious is crucial in the world we live in today. By selecting a shredding service, you can be sure that all of your papers will be properly recycled after being shredded and utilized to create other paper products, such as recycled paper

When should I clean house?

The easiest approach to keep up with all the document shredding that has to be done is to perform an annual document purge. The beautiful thing about purge shredding is that you can simply schedule another appointment with Infoshred when your paperwork begins to accumulate.  Annual or Bi-Annual Cleanouts are popular

What Happens to Material That Is Shredded?

When the shred truck has departed your office and you resume your regular activities, you ponder what will become of the shredded materials…..

When our shredding trucks are fully laden with paper and/or shredded material, they are driven back to our facility in East Windsor CT and unloaded in preparation for bailing. As the name implies, bailing is the process of squeezing and tying all of the shreds of material into manageable bales. After that, a tractor trailer is used to transport these bales to a recycling plant where the shredded paper is pulped in water before being turned into the end product of paper towels or toilet paper.

Request an estimate on our website or by calling 860-627-5800 to learn more. Our experts will ask you a few questions to better understand your requirements, after which they will tell you exactly what to expect from start to finish, including the cost.

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