What Is a Mobile Shredding Truck?

What Is a Mobile Shredding Truck?


Shredding companies can destroy your confidential papers on-site, and they do this by sending a truck outfitted with industrial shredders.

  • The employees of the shredding company will drive to your site, pick up your confidential documents or hard drives from the containers in your office and the material is carried in the container outdoors to the shred truck.
  • Once outside at the truck, an automated arm takes the container and dumps the contents into the truck so that the papers are not handled excessively and do not run the danger of falling out.
  • The powerful shredders destroy your material “on-site” with great efficiency.
  • These shredders rip the documents into tiny pieces after punching holes in them with a number of revolving blades. The paper is randomly torn during this process rather being cut, which increases the security of the destruction. Up to 9000 pounds of material can be processed via the shredder in an hour.
  • Your company’s workers may watch the shredding procedure as it happens to guarantee that the documents have been securely destroyed.
  • There is a holding area in the rear of the truck where the shredded material is kept until it is safely delivered to a shredding facility or recycling facility.


Sometimes, home or office shredders can’t keep up with the optimal amount of shredding to safely destroy your documents in a timely manner. The typical strip-cut or cross-cut function of personal-sized shredders are sluggish and do not provide the highest level of security. Additionally, by outsourcing your shredding, you will avoid having to pay for a shredder’s maintenance or replacement. Shredding at your company can be scheduled as frequently as needed and is flexible to accommodate your schedule.


Consider on-site, mobile shredding if your firm is seeking to increase the level of security of its shredding through outsourcing or locating a provider that offers on-site shredding using a shredding truck.


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