5 Reasons Why You Should Use Document Shredding Services

Why You Should Use Document Shredding Services

Your customers’ private information is one of the most important assets you have to protect, starting with their name, address, bank information, and the type of interaction they had with your business.  One of the strongest tools for data protection is document destruction or shredding.

Let’s start by summarizing the reasons why document destruction is essential. And why so many businesses happy to let a shredding company handle it and make sure it’s done right.

  1. Identity Theft

 Statistics from 2021 that there were at least 174,000 instances of identity theft and the majority of them took place online. This represents a 125% increase in a single decade. Identity theft involves a variety of issues, such as online shopping and insurance fraud. Additionally, it covers all the cell phone scams that we have all encountered at least once.

One of the most reliable sources of data for identity thieves is a company’s trash. Thieves can find data that ought to have been destroyed and includes vital information that enables them to steal an identity. Your company will be responsible for allowing it to happen.

  1. Secure Data

By shredding your discarded business documents, the risk is removed, and your clients are protected. We’ve all seen reports on television about how a company had a breech and allowed someone to obtain their client’s information. Having data protection policies and secure document shredding procedures in place, protects your credibility and reputation.

  1. HR Documents

While there is a responsibility to protect consumer data, there is also a responsibility to protect employee data. This includes personal data, health information, work records, and more. Any information the organization retains about a particular employee must be protected in the same way as customer data. This calls for having processes in place to safely store records and dispose of records through shredding.

  1. Valuable Space

Although not as serious a problem as the others, it is noteworthy that documents take up a lot of room in your office. But you can save that room by destroying the documents according to a schedule and/or when they are no longer needed. The valuable space that is freed up by shredding documents can be used for other important purposes or net a savings if you can obtain a smaller space.  Not to mention, stored paper is a fire hazard.

  1. Legal Implications

It is required by law that your business protects the data you generate and store. Shredding these documents will help protect you from liability by preventing a data breach by ensuring that any confidential documents are destroyed.

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