Infoshred Up and Running After Partial Building Collapse

East Windsor, CT (February 4, 2011) – Despite a partial building collapse InfoShred is up and running. The roof over the company’s records storage facility collapsed around 3:30 am this morning, despite 48 hours of attempts to save the facility.

The business does document destruction and records storage. The roof collapsed over the records’ storage portion of the building. The document destruction portion of the business was unaffected and they continue to service their customers as usual. Trucks went out this morning on their regular schedule and the business expects no interruption in these services.

All documents in the records’ storage part of the building are safe and secure. The owners and staff have been on-site constantly and they have already hired a 24-hour armed guard service to protect them. The company is already making arrangements for the documents to be move to a secured facility.

Efforts to save the building have been on-going since Tuesday. The company has been working with a structural engineer and snow removal was in process.

“This is a family business and one we will continue to operate. We notified all of our clients yesterday when it became clear that the records’ storage portion of the building was threatened by the build-up of ice and snow. They have been tremendously supportive,” says InfoShred President Stacey DiPiazza. “We have extensive systems in place to guard the security and safety of those records, including 24 hour monitoring of the area. But this year’s unprecedented weather has posed hazards none of us could have anticipated. We are well aware of the importance of the records entrusted to us. We have already secured another location for those records. Once emergency personnel allow us, we will evacuate them to that location.”

InfoShred provides secure document destruction and records storage.

Contact: Andrea Obston
P: (860) 243-1447 or
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H: (860) 653-2712

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